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Hey gang.

Time has been VERY short for me lately, so I've been way behind on posting and replying to all the kind comments.  However, I'm trying to catch up with all of the comments.

I'm also trying to figure out a better way to make use of this site and my blog (which I'm trying to set up based on some very helpful suggestions from some friends on here).  Basically, I don't want to have a bunch of redundant art here and over there (when it's finally ready).  I've actually been trying to decide what to do with the blog on my site, and I really HAVE to do something with it, particularly since I bugged the poor tech help guy who works for the website developer to go over and over and over just how I set the blog up. :)

I've considered putting steps or stages for pieces I post on DA over there, sort of a work-in progress blog.  I've also got LOADS of art I haven't posted here for some reason or other--experimental exercises, graphic design and published illustrations I've done, warm-up sketches, etc.  I could post all that stuff over there.  I don't know.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance (and I'll try not to take so long to post again next time),

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Submitted on
February 12, 2012